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Gavin’s Story

Like many type 1 diabetics (nearly 40%) this disease has not only given Gavin the challenges that come with everyday management of a life threatening medical condition but anxiety and depression.

But how could it not?  Fear of a late night low that you might not wake up from.  Having to sit out of your favorite activities because your blood sugar is low. Feeling left out because you weren’t invited to a sleep over because no one there is comfortable dealing with your diabetes.   Not having cake at your best friends birthday party because your blood sugar is to high. With this disease there are no days off and there is no cure….so what can we do?

That’s where man’s best friend takes on a whole new meaning.  Diabetic alert dogs are amazing guardians who save lives by detecting changes in blood sugar, many times before a glucometer will. The gift of having peace of mind knowing Gavin is being guarded while he sleeps.
Imagine a companion and best friend that will help keep sugars in the normal range, reducing the risk of diabetic complications such as vascular disease retinopathy, blindness, amputations and renal failure.

About Diabetes Alert Dogs (DADs)

All trained service dogs are protected under the American with Disabilities Act and are granted access to public places with their handlers. This allows individuals with disabilities a much greater sense of freedom and independence.  Most people who utilize a service dog say their lives are forever changed because the tasks their dog performs allow them a quality of life they were not able to experience previously.


Your Donation Today Will Make A Huge Difference In A Little Boy’s Life – Today, Tomorrow & For Many Years To Come

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